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Upper Yellowstone River Advisory Committee

The Upper Yellowstone River Advisory Committee (UYRAC) was formed after the June 2022 flood, and is made up of local landowners, agency professionals, technical experts, and local non-profits. It is facilitated by the Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group (UYWG), and its goals are to help landowners recover from flooding by providing technical, planning, and permitting expertise.


A technical advisory council: The group has worked to evolve and adapt to changing needs/gaps - moving from a emergency/triage mode into long-term recovery.


Group Priorities:

  1. Interagency/landowner coordination

    • Technical assistance

  2. Site inspections

    • Permitting

  3. Outreach/education

    • BMP’s- post flood UY best management practices & info on river geomorphology/hydrology

  4. Debris removal

    • Dissemination of information/resources/funding

  5. Efforts focused on floodplain resiliency

    • CMZ mapping

  6. Identifying holes/needs for flood response

    • Stream permitting panel, Q&A


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