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Give Back to the Yellowstone

The Give Back to the Yellowstone campaign was developed as a way to engage the community, out-of-state visitors, and businesses to give back to projects that support the overall health and vitality of the Yellowstone River, from its source in Yellowstone National Park to its confluence with the Missouri River in North Dakota.  The Yellowstone River directly supports our quality of life, drives tourism, and is key to the regional economy.  However, a number of critical issues and recreational pressures threaten the river’s vitality, and a lack of funding prevents the Yellowstone River community from addressing many of those challenges. The Yellowstone River Stewardship campaign is a voluntary, grass-roots effort created to engage the community to provide funding to support badly needed projects that support the resiliency of the Yellowstone River.  This is a great way for everyone to get involved to ensure a healthy river for years to come.


All proceeds from the campaign will be invested in conservation and restoration projects that will improve water quality, fish habitat, late season flows and floodplain connectivity, and address recreational pressures.  Examples of potential projects include public fishing access enhancements, river etiquette signage, river ambassador program development, riparian restoration, and recreational use monitoring. To become a partner or business supporter, please contact Wendy Weaver

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