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Our mission involves "doing" not just "talking". Our members work on actual projects both big and small. We call them "community science" projects as we always try to make decisions based on the best available data, or help generate that data where it doesn't exist.


Our mission for every project is: 

  • Clearly defined project mission and goals.

  • Communicate scientific findings and locally-gathered data in a digestible and shareable way.

  • Focus on local issues, affirming a sense of place.

  • Focus on our social interactions as a central part of project activities.

We have multiple projects that our various stakeholders are working on, which you can learn more about via our "Get Involved" menu on our website.

If you have ideas for other projects in Paradise Valley that support our mission statement, we would love to support them! Send us information via the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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