Demo of Smart Video Camera Technology

Ranchers are increasingly using off the shelf video cameras to put in their barns or outdoor pens during calving season (going on right now) so that they can watch their cows from inside their homes (often at night time). We want to try and demonstrate that AI can be used to proactively alert the rancher if there is a possible problem. For example, has a grizzly bear moved in to an area with foraging cattle. Or, is a cow that is calving (birthing) exhibiting signs of stress, such as standing up and then laying down repeatedly. Or, has an elk herd moved in to an area of cattle during calving season when disease transmission could be an issue. Or, as is often a mortality issue with cattle, has a cow rolled on to its back which will result in suffocation in less than an hour. AI Vision technology can detect these events and then send alerts so that proactive mitigation can take place. If ranchers, private landowners and agency staff can get real-time notification of these events, then non-lethal mitigation efforts can take place and business can continue to operate. 


For more information on this effort read our blog post here. The top video to the right shows what the Microsoft Percept smart video camera looks like. The video below it is an example of the video camera detecting a bird...when the red box displays, that indicates that the camera has detected the bird. The below live video feed (which is not always live) and data visualizations are real-time examples we are sharing with the public to create better understanding of the possibilities behind this technology.