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River Cleanup


The epic flooding on the Yellowstone River in 2022  caused considerable damage, and created a lasting impact on us all and unfortunately left a lot of detritus behind when the waters receded. But it's not just flooding that results in trash on the river. 

The community and various organizations are committed to making sure that the Upper Yellowstone River flows clean, providing habitat for not just recreational users but the critters that make it there home.

This is an annual effort and long term commitment by locals. There are three ways you can help:

  • Volunteer during the annual river cleanup event in September.

  • Support your local outfitters who daily are on the river and helping with cleanup.

  • If you are a local landowner on the river and you have cleanup needs that require resources that you don't have, we can help with a team. Use the app (instructions below) to identify the issue and we will contact you.

  • If you are a river user and see debris that is not easy for you to pick up and haul out yourselves, use the app below to identify the location.

River Cleanup Observation App
How to Install
River Cleanup Observation App
Example Entry
UYR Observation Sample.png

Contact with questions or comments.


Access information dashboard at 100858d57c2

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