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Cutthroat Trout Conservation


Trout Unlimited, FWP and the Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group members are partnering to protect cutthroat trout for future generations. Yellowstone cutthroat are native to our area and help drive a $70M+ local fishing tourism industry. Our local cutthroat have lost over 50% over their native range, and we are working to turn the tide.


In 2023 we are looking for volunteers to help in an invasive species Brook Trout removal program within the Mill Creek drainage, a critical cutthroat tributary to the Yellowstone River. Brook trout spawn in the fall which gives them an advantage over spring-spawning cutthroat fry. The result is brook trout can take over cutthroat habitat.


We need VOLUNTEERs to donate a day (or more) of their time to work in teams (with a trained leader) to manually remove brook trout via an electric technique that stuns fish allowing us to net and remove them (see below photos). We also need block nets and fish traps (contact us to learn more). Last year, over 400 brook trout were removed from a spring creek on private property.

Contact or complete the form below to sign up as a volunteer and we will contact you as volunteer opportunities arise.

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