Wildlife-Friendly Fence Program

The National Parks Conservation Association’s Protecting and Restoring Yellowstone Pronghorn Habitat and Migration Corridors program collaboratively works with landowners and public land managers to remove or modify fences that restrict pronghorn migration at no financial cost to the landowner. Unlike deer or elk, pronghorn cannot jump most fence barriers. North and west of Yellowstone National Park, traditional livestock fences along historic migration routes prevent the species from reaching crucial winter habitat and genetically isolates the herd from the larger population. Recognizing these impacts, since 2010 NPCA has worked with private landowners, public land managers, and hundreds of volunteers to remove or modify over 35 miles of fence barriers enabling  pronghorn to reach more of their historic habitat while ensuring that fences continue to meet the individual needs of each property. If you would like to learn more, want to volunteer, or have a fence that you think might be a good candidate to remove or make wildlife friendly please reach out to: Kelsie Dougherty, (406) 970-0734 or kdougherty@npca.org.

For more information on this effort and the major success we are having with antelope migration restoration, please visit this site.

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