"So far below that no sound of strife could reach us, the Yellowstone River ran, a finger-wide strip of jade green."
Rudyard Kipling
South Paradise Valley
South Paradise Valley


North Paradise Valley
North Paradise Valley

South Paradise Valley
South Paradise Valley


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Working Lands, Open Spaces & Clean Water in the Upper Yellowstone Watershed

Those are the values of the Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group. That's what we do. As local citizens, we passionately pursue them out of love for the Upper Yellowstone Watershed...and our obligation to leave it better and more sustainable than we found it for the coming generations...no matter the species.​

The Yellowstone River stretches over 670 miles and is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states...

Wildlife & Forests


Our businesses and citizens are surrounded by some of the largest expanses of public lands in North America. We seek ways to that land and its wildlife from uses that would destroy its future resiliency at tax payer expense.

Our most recent project, federal legislation called the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act, was focused on federal legislation to protect 30,000 acres of public land from industrial gold mining at the footsteps of Yellowstone Park.

Agriculture & Open Spaces


Our farming and ranching members work together to preserve wide open spaces, healthy soils, sustainable water use, and profitable business operations through innovative technologies.

Many of our Working Lands projects involves profitable regenerative agricultural practices and technology solutions for managing livestock and wildlife.

Clean Water & Trout


Our tourism and recreation businesses, alongside private land owners, work together to protect water quality and quantity for future generations of fish, wildlife & people.

Our various Watershed Projects focus on gathering data on water quality and quantity and its various uses so as to protect the quality of the water and the experiences for all.