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Tourism & Recreation Committee


The tourism & recreation committee focuses on the issues especially important to businesses and individuals who enjoy the great, big outdoors pf the Upper Yellowstone Watershed. Montana's tourism and recreation economy generates over $7B in revenue and 70,000+ jobs. Park County alone generates the most per capita tourism revenue than any other Montana county. (Click here for more Montana's 2018 economic report.) A recent survey in Park County shows what tourists and recreation users value and are willing to fund in our watershed.






At the same time, these "users" of the watershed create issues such as affordable housing and over-use of natural resources. Can our region escape the patterns of failure established elsewhere in the Rocky Mountain regions? Is it possible to simultaneously accommodate booming population growth, expanding development and an unbridled hunger for adventure while still maintaining a fabric of interwoven, still-wild landscapes that are anomalies in the world? Is it possible for native Montanans to afford housing, as higher-income states send their retirees here.

The mission of the UYWG Tourism & Recreation committee is to help agencies and citizens protect and manage the fundamental natural and cultural resources and values of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, while acknowledging that the business models of recreation, tourism and agriculture can help pay for managing and protecting the the wide open spaces and clean water of this place.


We work with the county, state and federal agencies to help define best practices for recreational use of our watershed. We actualize these best practices through community led projects. Two of our top priority projects are the following:

The following is a presentation of the economic drivers and aforementioned issues that this group tries to address via its various sponsored projects.